Nabu Casa Cloud TTS

With Cloud TTS you are able to have text read aloud with natural sounding voices. This service is automatically enabled when you are signed in to your Nabu Casa cloud account and can be called using the tts.cloud_say service in your automations.

The supported languages are en-US, de-DE, and es-ES

Supported gender options are male or female

Testing the TTS service

You can select the tts.cloud_say service from the dropdown on the Services page from Developer Tools > Services in the UI, and send text to a compatible media player.

TTS Cloud Service

Example Automation

Below is an automation which plays a spoken message to a specific media player when a sensor has had an open state for 10 minutes.

- id: DoorOpen10min
  alias: Door is still open
    platform: state
    entity_id: sensor.garage_status
    to: Open
      minutes: 10
    service: tts.cloud_say
      entity_id: media_player.family_room_speaker
      message: the door has been open for 10 minutes
        gender: female
      language: en-US