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Remote UI update

We did an update today, July 29, 2021, to our remote UI Infrastructure as announced earlier. This upgrade improved the throughput and response time of our remote UI infrastructure and ensured it can scale up in the future.
Unfortunately, in 2 regions, Home Assistant did not reconnect as we expected. We’re still investigating but it looks like the DNS change triggered a bug inside Home Assistant that prevented it from automatically reconnecting to the remote UI.
If your client did not automatically connect back to the remote infrastructure, you will need to manually enable it again. You can do this remotely from the Nabu Casa account page or locally on your instance. See instructions below.
If you are experiencing issues with the Home Assistant app on your phone while your Home Assistant instance shows that it is connected, restarting your phone should help solve the problem.
Sorry for the inconvenience
Paulus Schoutsen

Reconnect Locally

Go to Home Assistant Cloud inside the configuration panel and toggle the connection off and then on again.
Screenshot of the Home Assistant Cloud page.

Reconnect Remotely

Login to the Nabu Casa account page and click on “Connect”. This sends a command to your Home Assistant instance to reconnect to the cloud. If you see "no response from instance" you will need to instead use the local option as described above.
Screenshot of the Nabu Casa account page.