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Home Assistant Cloud

The missing cloud piece for Home Assistant, by the founder of Home Assistant. Control your Home Assistant from anywhere. Fully encrypted.

Start a free 31 day trial

After the trial, it will charge a monthly or annual fee. For more available plan details, see pricing

Home Assistant Yellow

We successfully crowdfunded Home Assistant Yellow, the easiest way to get started with Home Assistant.

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Access from anywhere

No longer worry if you left the garage door open. Quickly access your Home Assistant instance from your phone, your favorite coffeeshop or at work.

All data is fully encrypted between your device and your Home Assistant instance. No snooping.

Easily connect to voice assistants

With Home Assistant Cloud, you can connect your Home Assistant instance in a few simple clicks to both Google Assistant and Amazon Alexa.

If you can connect it to Home Assistant, you can now control it with your voice using the Amazon Echo, Google Home or your Android phone.

Fund development of Home Assistant and ESPHome

We started Home Assistant and have acquired ESPHome. Today these are the biggest open source projects that keep your home private and your data local.

Home Assistant Cloud gives us the income to work full-time on these projects. And we will keep making them better for you. Nabu Casa has no investors to satisfy, just its users.

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Text to Speech

Get access to neural-network powered text-to-speech as part of your subscription. Turn any text into natural sounding audio clips to be played on any speaker that Home Assistant supports.

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Keep Home Assistant secure

With Home Assistant Cloud, we will worry about the hard parts.

Just log in via Home Assistant and a secure connection with the cloud will be established. You don't have to deal with dynamic DNS, SSL certificates or opening ports on your router.

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Let's keep advertisers in the dark

We live in a world where cloud companies are constantly trying to collect more of our data. With Nabu Casa we're breaking this trend.

We operate a cloud that won't store any of your data and processes commands locally. Your data stays local or with the companies you decide to share with.