About us

Nabu Casa, Inc was founded in 2018 by the founders of both Home Assistant, the open source home automation platform, and Home Assistant OS, the operating system that turns your device into a smart home hub powered by Home Assistant. These projects have seen an immense growth and have helped shape DIY home automation communities around the world.

After being involved in the Internet of Things industry for many years, we realized that there is a need for a cloud service that aims to put users, their privacy and their data first. Such a cloud can only be built as an extension to a platform that does the same: Home Assistant.

With Nabu Casa we are building this cloud service and we’re calling it Home Assistant Cloud.

Our commitment to Home Assistant

Nabu Casa, Inc. commits time and resources into Home Assistant so this will be a shared success story. We want to improve Home Assistant, also for the people that are not customers of Nabu Casa, Inc.

The Team

Paulus Schoutsen

Founder of Home Assistant. He sees Home Assistant as the key to the open and private home that everyone deserves. Over the last 5 years, he has grown Home Assistant from a script turning on the lights at sunset into one of the major open source home automation frameworks with a worldwide community.

Pascal Vizeli

Founder of Home Assistant OS, the open source solution to turn a system like the Raspberry Pi into a smart home hub powered by Home Assistant. Since it’s introduction, it has grown into the preferred installation method for the majority of all Home Assistant users.

Ben Bangert

San Francisco Bay Area programmer, best known for his open-source work creating and contributing to Python libraries such as Pylons, Beaker, Routes, and Kazoo. He got interested in home automation and began contributing to Home Assistant by starting a core rewrite to async. He currently works at Mozilla on cloud services.

Bram Kragten

From an early age interested in home automation. Part of the Home Assistant community for a long time, creating custom components and UI. Started contributing to Home Assistant core with UI editing support for Lovelace. Since then part of the frontend team, adding various new features.

Franck Nijhof

Founded the community Home Assistant add-ons project in 2017, integrating a wide range of applications to the ecosystem. Since then, he has been contributing all around the project, mainly in the corners of the ecosystem, and by streamlining the documentation. He often streams live while coding behind his desk on Twitch and YouTube for everyone to see.

Martin Hjelmare

Initially started out contributing to Home Assistant by his work on the MySensors integration back in version 0.11 (2016). Most contributors to Home Assistant core will know Martin for his endless patience on the code reviews he does. Martin fell in love with coding when he first tried Python. Another love is the Open Source idea with social coding transforming the world.

Ashton Lafferty

A long time support presence on the Home Assistant Discord, Ashton is the first line of support at Nabu Casa.

Joakim Sørensen

Joakim has been a core contributor for a long time working on the Supervisor panel and different bits of the frontend. He is, however, mainly known as the creator of the Home Assistant Community Store (HACS).

Stefan Agner

Open source enthusiast and embedded hacker, contributed to a wide range of open source projects such as the Linux kernel, U-Boot boot loader or Weston compositor. Uses Home Assistant with a variety of micro controller based sensor modules, just for fun. Works mostly on Home Assistant Operating System.

Erik Montnemery

An embedded C programmer by trade, he grew very fond of Python when he started contributing to Home Assistant. He’s been contributing mainly to the Cast and MQTT integrations, and at various other places around the Home Assistant core. Erik loves to tinker with embedded systems, both hardware and software.

Jesse Hills

Started out as a backend Rails developer, moved into DevOps, but always had a passion for DIY electronics and Home Automation. After becoming a maintainer of ESPHome as a hobby for some time, Jesse now leads the ESPHome project.

Matthias de Baat

Born in the year of the first The Simpsons episode. As the first user experience designer, his goal is to make Home Assistant easier to use and accessible for everyone. His browser bookmarks contain websites about gadgets, home automation and airsoft.