Insecure Home Assistant instance detected

If you reach this page, you probably were unable to access your instance using the remote UI feature. Quite possibly, remote UI access to your instance has been automatically restricted to keep you secure.

This security mechanism is triggered when we detect an instance running Home Assistant Core 2021.1.4 or older. Those versions have been marked as possibly insecure by the Home Assistant team and are blocked from using the Remote UI feature.

As a result of this, you might not be able to connect to your instance remotely via the cloud. This only affects the Remote UI feature; Amazon Alexa, Google Assistant, TTS and Cloud Webhooks will continue to function as normal.

To resolve this issue, upgrade your Home Assistant Core to at least 2021.1.5. Alternatively, if you cannot update to that version right now and are certain that your instance is safe, you can, at your own risk, disable this protection on your Nabu Casa account page.

More information can be found in this Home Assistant Security Bulletin. For more information about the Remote UI feature and the automated blocking of insecure versions; read the Remote UI documentation

Hoping this does not cause too much trouble, but we are doing this to keep you safe and secure.

With kind regards,

Nabu Casa