Subscriptions Update

May 1, 2022

Annual plans are now available for all countries except for UK/ CA / EU. The others will follow at a later date.

April 2, 2022


We unfortunately have to delay the rollout of annual subscriptions worldwide. Users who are currently paying the old price and do not cancel or change their current subscriptions will remain at the current price until further notice.

February 1, 2022

(Edited for clarification)

Starting today! Annual subscriptions are now available for customers living in the US. Subscription plans created prior to February 1st will continue working at their current price for 3 months if no changes are made.

January 26, 2022

On February 1, 2022 we’re launching annual subscriptions for Home Assistant Cloud. We are rolling this out in the US first and it will cost $65 per year. When rolled out, Apple Pay and Google Pay will be available as extra options. PayPal will no longer be supported in countries where the annual plan has been rolled out.

Annual subscriptions will become available in other countries in the coming months, including local currency support for Canada, EU and UK.

New subscriptions or changes to payment method after February 1, 2022 will start at $6.50 per month. This is our first price increase since we launched Home Assistant Cloud more than three years ago. The price increase will be used to cover inflation and further building out the open home. Any accounts subscribed prior to February 1 will not be affected by the price increase for 3 months.

To manage your plan, visit the Nabu Casa account page.