Google Assistant configuration

The Google Assistant integration allows users to control the entities via the Home Assistant Smart Home skill for Google Assistant. This means that you can say things like “Ok Google, turn on the kitchen light” to control your local Home Assistant.

To use this integration, you need to have:

  • The cloud component set up. Learn more
  • Have Cloud component Google Assistant support enabled. This can be done on the Cloud page inside Home Assistant.
  • A Google Assistant enabled device like the Google Home or a mobile phone running Google Assistant.
  • Activated the Home Assistant Smart Home skill for Google Assistant.
    • If you have a Google Home device, use the Google Home app, select Home control, and then add using the Add devices option.
    • If you only have a mobile phone, launch Google Assistant, select the three dots menu. Under Settings you’ll find Home Control. There you can add using the Add devices option.

You can use configuration.yaml to configure the entities that are being shown to Google Assistant and how they are exposed.

# Example configuration.yaml entry configuring Google Assistant
        - light.kitchen_left
        - switch
        - switch.outside
        name: Custom Name for Google Assistant
         - bright lights
         - entry lights
        room: living room

Configuration variables

  (map) (Optional) Configuration options for the Google Assistant integration.

    (map) (Optional) description: Filters for entities to include/exclude from Google Assistant.
      (list) (Optional) description: Entity IDs to include.
      (list) (Optional) Domains to include.
      (list) (Optional) Entity IDs to exclude.
      (list) (Optional) Domains to exclude.

    (map) (Optional) Entity specific configuration for Google Assistant.
      (map) (Optional) Entity to configure.
        (string) (Optional) Name of entity to show in Google Assistant.
        (list) (Optional) Aliases that can also be used to refer to this entity.
        (string) (Optional) Hint for Google Assistant in which room this entity is.

Secure Devices Pin

A pin used to interact with security devices such as doors, garage doors, and locks can be entered through the Google Assistant integration settings. You will be asked to say/enter this pin when interacting with such devices via Google Assistant.

Available domains

Currently, the following domains are available to be used with Google Assistant, listed with their default types:

  • group
  • input_boolean
  • scene
  • script
  • switch
  • fan
  • light
  • cover
  • media_player
  • climate
  • camera
  • sensor (temperature only)
  • binary_sensor (anything that represents open/close, like doors, windows, locks)

After setting up the cloud, if you make any device changes such as changing the name or adding a new device simply say “Ok Google, sync my devices” to get the changes to show up.